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ALF Anatomy

ALF treatment philosophy

Purpose of ALF appliances

Benefits of ALF appliances



ALF Anatomy

The ALF Appliances are custom designed to meet the specific cranial needs of the patient. This appliance requires that you have the palpatory skills to determine the patient's cranial distortions. In contrast to previous orthopedic appliances one design does not fit all. The basis of this approach is to correct the cranial distortions first, then any cants of the maxillae and third align the teeth orthodontically to stabilize the skull bones.

ALF / Whole Body Connection

Crooked teeth feed noxious impulses into the nervous system which cause responses from corresponding organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, brain, etc.), muscles, endocrine (thyroid, pancreas, parathyroids, adrenals) system imbalances, lymphatic stasis, structural imbalances (scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, etc.) and dominance or hypofunction of sympathetic/parasympathetic nerves.

Imbalance of the nervous system can have far reaching effects on the total health of the individual. One just has to look at the teeth of Olympic gold medal winners to see that most if not all have broad dental arches and straight teeth. High physical performance cannot be achieved with crooked teeth.

Clinically, any time chiropractic and or osteopathic manipulations do not hold, there is a dental component to the structural problem. Underlying dental abnormalities can range from a minor bite interference to a sever malocclusion. The former can easily be treated with a minor tooth adjustment while the later requires extensive dental orthopedics and orthodontics.


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  Dear Farid,

ALF: Alternative Lightwire Functional Orthopedic/Orthodontic Appliances usher in a new treatment era in dentistry.ALF does more than just straighten TEETH. The ALF appliances were originated and designed by Dr Darick Nordstrom of Hollister, California in early 1980’s. Dr Nordstrom recognized the need to provide more than just esthetic alignment of the teeth. >From his extensive knowledge of how the body works, Dr Nordstrom saw the need to correct the other structures that were attached to the teeth: upper jaw (maxillae) and skull bones. He soon discovered that by correcting theses other components patients noted relief and disappearances of chronic headaches, neck, shoulder low back pains and other seemingly unrelated symptoms: PMS, fatigue, digestion problems, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, etc. This major breakthrough establishes dentistry’s role in restoring patient function, health and improving their quality of life.


  • ALF treatment philosophy

    Dr Nordstrom’s belief was that a less bulky, light wire removable appliance would prove more beneficial than existing devices. The ALF appliances could be fitted to the dental arches and apply a continuous light force to the skull bones and teeth. Orthodontic treatment has proven clinically that continuous light forces applied to the teeth and skull bones have a more beneficial effect than applying heavy continuous forces. This Arndt-Schulz Law is well stated in the 26th edition of Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. “weak stimuli increases physiological activity and very strong stimuli inhibit or abolish activity. “ This concept is supported and has been clinically verified by use of homeopathic medicine (more dilute substances cause a strong healing change), micro-current (extremely low levels of electrical currents cause a greater healing response ), natural vitamin supplements ( lower doses of natural food supplements cause a better healing response ), etc. The ALF appliances follow the Arndt-Schulz Law by applying a light, continuous force to the teeth and skull bones.

  • Purpose of ALF appliances

    The ALF appliances have a three fold purpose: 1. Correct distortion of the skull 2. Correct distortion of Maxillae ( upper Jaw ) 3. Correct the alignment of upper and lower teeth to improve the bite. Structural distortions of the skull bones can develop from birthing traumas, genetics, misalignment that result from loose teeth or premature loss of teeth, , inappropriate orthodontics, auto accidents and contact sports or any trauma to the head. The appliances can also be used to treat upper neck, shoulder or even low back problems since mal- position of the teeth directly affect these areas as well as many other body functions.

  • Benefits of ALF appliances


    • Esthetic and comfort
    • Less frequent adjustment and office visits
    • Unhampered speech
    • Reduced tooth soreness during tooth movement
    • Quicker results since appliances are constantly worn
    • Easy to clean


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