Subject: Dental X-Rays
Dr Shodjaee Newsletter
Dental X-rays August 2006
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Radiation from dental x-rays

Digital Radiographs

Why Radiographs ?



Radiation from dental x-rays

Dental x-rays are very low in radiation, to put it in perspective with other activities that we do here are some examples. if we take 26 small x-rays the amount of radiation you receive is equivalent to 1 hour of watching color TV, or taking suntan for 1 hour between noon and 3 pm, or flying from Montreal to New York. meanwhile during none of those activities you are protected with a led apron as is the case with dental x-rays.

  Dear Farid,

We are asked often about the dental x-rays. I thought it would be nice to say few words about dental x-rays in this newsletter.

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  • Digital Radiographs

    As many of you are aware, I have been using digital radiography in my office for over 10 years now, that means we take radiographs using computer. The digital radiography uses 90% less radiation, it does not also need any caustic solution to be developed. therefore safe for the environment, and fast. It can be enhanced and enlarged for better diagnosis.

  • Why Radiographs ?

    Radiographs are our eyes in the bone and teeth where we can not see clinically. Many of the common lesions of the mouth are diagnosed during routine radiographic exams. Without them we miss pathology. In our office we follow the recommendation of The American Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology for frequency of dental radiographs. we only take x-rays when it is absolutely essential.