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ALF Appliance




ALF Appliance

The ALF Appliances are custom designed to meet the specific cranial needs of the patient. This appliance requires that you have the palpatory skills to determine the patient's cranial distortions. In contrast to previous orthopedic appliances one design does not fit all. The basis of this approach is to correct the cranial distortions first, then any cants of the maxillae and third align the teeth orthodontically to stabilize the skull bones.

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  Dear Farid,

A Class II Division II malocclusion represents a deep overbite and retruded mandible. Such a structural imbalance causes a reflex forward head posture to open up the airway. In addition, the deep bite and retruded mandible causes a loss of the upper cervical lordotic curve and compression of the spine. These structural changes translate into increased tension on the dural membrane system with the result of physical pain.


  • Treatment

    Correction involves straightening the cranial base by means of ALF appliances, leveling the cant of the maxillae, and aligning the teeth with conventional braces. Making these corrections results in spontaneous structural realignment without chiropractic, physical therapy or any other treatments. Correcting the dental/cranial distortions re-establishes the self-correcting mechanism (the occlusion or bite) for maintaining structural balance. Completion of treatment results in the resolution of the patient's chronic headaches, chronic low back pain, and severe forward head posture.