Biological Dental Exam

Biological Dental Examination

 As a Biological Dentist my initial examination will include a total and thorough assessment of patient in all aspects of Biological Dentistry that is to say assessment in the following areas:

1.                  Heavy Metal Toxicity and Biocompatibility of the Dental material:

Mercury,  Nickel, Cadmium, Stainless Steel, etc.

2.                  Focal areas of infection: teeth, gum and extraction site origin

3.                  Energy disturbances to the body: dissimilar metals in the saliva, causing Galvanic Shock.

4.                  Influence of nutrition on oral health.

5.                  Cranial, Dental, Sacral Complex: Proper skeletal alignment of head, jaws, shoulder, spine and pelvis. (see also Neuromuscular Dentistry: NMD)


Once our clinical and  radiographical examination is complete, I recommend a consult with a  practitioner for assessment of Biocompatibility of all the dental material that I routinely use in my office to make sure that whatever we use as a restorative material is 100% safe and agreeable to your health. The examination  will also include a thorough Autonomic Resonance Testing (ART) of the body to detect the presence of any heavy metal toxicity. Another indispensable testing is the Buccal Current Testing of all the teeth which based on Dr Hal Huggins position paper, ( It's all in your head the link between mercury amalgam and illness by Dr Hal Huggins ) will assist us to determine the safest sequence of the removal of toxic material from the mouth.

After safe removal of toxicity from the mouth one can follow heavy metal detox program to make sure that all the toxicity from the body is removed.


Biological Dental Exam


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