The Trainer System

4. Directions for use

Step 1: Hold the Trainer with the tongue tag side up.

Step 2: Place the Trainer into your mouth.

Step 3: Keep your tongue positioned on the tongue tag.

Step 4: Close down on the Trainer and feel it trying to straighten the front teeth.

Step 5: Keep your lips together and breathe through your nose.

DO NOT CHEW on the Trainer

Day time use

Every day for a minimum of 1 to 4 hours

Place the Trainer as directed above
Close lips together.
Feel the tongue trainer.
Choose an activity such as reading, T.V., homework, piano practice, skateboarding, soccer, computer, videogame, or even while working.

When finished, rinse the Trainer thoroughly under running water, then place it back into the container supplied.

Note: Your teeth will feel sensitive at first because they are starting to move. This is normal and goes away after a few days. If soreness becomes excessive, decrease application time, then increase to normal levels when tenderness has passed.

Your Dentist/Orthodontist may vary these instructions for different tratments plans.

Night use

While sleeping

The Trainer is highly effective if worn at night-time.

The Trainer may fall out at night. This is normal so just persevere.
If night-time use is not posible, increase daytime use.

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5. Tips for best results

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The Trainer System


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