UNINFORMED CONSENT, SEATTLE -- Buried in a tidal wave of evidence that says otherwise, the University of Rochester's Department of Environmental Medicine has published another study in what appears to be a marketing campaign to subdue a growing seismic event in the public sector.
"This paper is based on faulty analysis. Genetic susceptibility is very evident in the data they used. They not only do not address it, but they come to incorrect conclusions," says Dr. Boyd Haley PhD, Chemistry Department Chair at the University of Kentucky. Haley is a well-known published and peer-reviewed researcher on the dangers of mercury exposure.

Re. New Study In New England Journal of Medicine Says Little Danger From Mercury Exposure In Vaccines and Dental Amalgam Fillings ...
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He has been a much called upon expert and testified numerous times in the US Congress on mercury dangers in vaccines and dental amalgam because his familiarity with all the research. Haley goes on to say, "Thimerosal in vaccines is simply a bad policy that has caused a lot of damage such as autism and related diseases ...(sic) there is just no rationale that supports the continued use of mercury in vaccines or dental amalgams."


Mercury vaporizing from an amalgam tooth in UV light----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(image, left) Mercury vaporizing from an amalgam tooth in UV light. Image and press release courtesy of UnInformed Consent.

Experts Claim Study Is Part of Massive Marketing To Mislead Safety Levels to the Public Image linked from
The study, co-authored by Dr. Thomas W. Clarkson PhD, Dr. Laszlo Magos, MD and Dr. Gary J. Myers, MD was released for publication to the peer-reviewed 'New England Journal of Medicine' this month. It has alarmed critics who say this is just another attempt to hide the true danger of these exposures in over 90% of the US population.

Earlier this month another study was released in the peer reviewed 'Pediatrics' by the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control). Authored by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, it is also embroiled in controversy. Raising the hackles of experts all over the world charges of serious conflicts of interest are running rampant. Congressman David Weldon, (R-FL), also a physician, has called for an immediate investigation of the CDC. The Verstraeten Study on mercury and autism is alleged to have been water downed after Dr. Verstraeten's contemporaneous employment with one of the big five vaccine manufacturers in the world, GlaxoSmithKline, just after he completed and presented the study for the CDC in 2000 at the Simpsonwood Center in Georgia. Verstraeten is rumored to have been moved to Belgium a month after that meeting. Currently, no one has been able to locate him for comment.

Dr. J. Rodway Mackert of the Medical College of Georgia, who represented the American Dental Association, (ADA), as an expert in dental mercury toxicology at the November 14, 2002 US Congressional hearing in the Committee For Government Reform, released a statement November 13, 2002, saying, "The authors make it clear that dental amalgam is not a significant source of mercury exposure for dental patients," Mackert goes on to say, "Patients with existing amalgam restorations have no cause for concern. For patients contemplating a filling, there's no reason for them to avoid amalgam as a restorative material. In fact, as the authors point out, none of the three main sources of mercury exposure fish consumption, dental amalgam and vaccines is a concern to the average person."

"Not so" says Haley," "This is a man, (Mackert), who represents that mercury mixed with other metals, (amalgam), is of no more concern than chlorine mixed with sodium, (table salt). This kind of chemistry would result in a failure of basic chemistry at a junior high level. Mackert's background is in dental materials with little expertise in mercury toxicology. He is also an ADA spokesperson with which comes a built in conflict of interest."

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