Subject: Children Orthodontics
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Early Warning Signs Nov 2006


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Deep Bite

Open Bite




Facial Asymmetry When looking at your child from the front does it appear that their face, or chin are shifted to one side. Are they growing crooked?
Habits Does your child suck their finger or their thumb? Do they breathe through their mouth instead of their nose? Do they stick their tongue between their teeth when they swallow?
Headaches Does your child complain frequently of headaches? If your child grinds their teeth, or has a deep bite, the muscles may be over worked and can contribute to headaches in children.
Earaches Sometimes a bad bite or a deep bite can cause undue pressure on the small membranes of the ear, contributing to earaches.
These are all sign that your child may need early intervention!
Functional Appliances work with your child's growth and development to guide the jaws to their proper size.
Contact us for an assessment of your child, if you have noticed any of the above symptoms.

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  Dear Farid,

Early interceptive orthodontic treatment usually starts before the eruption of the permanent teeth or when the child has very few permanent teeth present. Our goal is to guide the growth of the upper and/or lower jaw to make adequate space for the eruption of all the permanent teeth. We feel that children should be evaluated by the age of four to see if there is a bone problem (orthopedic) or a tooth problem (orthodontic).


  • Deep Bite

    Do the upper teeth completely hide the lower teeth when you bite down, or does your child bite on the roof of their mouth?

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  • Open Bite

    Do the upper and lower teeth not meet in the front when your child bites together?

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  • Overjet

    Do the upper front teeth seem to be more noticeable and stick out quite a bit, compared to the lower front teeth?

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  • Crossbite

    When you look into your child's mouth are the upper teeth on the inside of the lower teeth? If you think of the upper jaw as the garage and the lower jaw as the car, the garage should be bigger than the car!

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