February 2005        Biological Dentistry: Dental Material Biocompatibility

March 2005            Biological Dentistry: Focal Oral Infection

April 2005               Biological Dentistry: The Cranial, Dental, Sacral Complex

May 2005               Biological Dentistry: Oral Galvanism

June 2005                Biological Dentistry: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

July 2005                 TMJ (jaw joint) Disorder

August 2005             ALF: Alternative Lightwire Functional

Sept 2005                 Craniodontics

Oct 2005                  The Trainer System

Nov 2005                 Neuromuscular Dentistry

Feb 2006                  Mouth Beathing

March 2006              OrthoClear

April 2006                 Cosmetic Dentistry

May 2006                  Homeopathy

June 2006                  Dental Checkups

August 2006              Dental X-Rays

Oct 2006                   Dental/Chiropractic Connection

Nov 2006                  Children Orthodontics/Early Warning Signs

Jan 2007                    Osteopathy & Dentistry

March 2007               Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

April 2007                  Biological Root Canal

May 2007                  TMD (Tempro-Mandibular Dysfunction)





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